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Who we are

We at Indiyo Tours offers unparalleled Tour and Travel Services. A vacation to a foreign land can be intimidating and even scary. That's why we, at Indiyo Tours, take the time to understand each of your needs and your travel objective to plan the perfect holiday for you. But we decide nothing without your consent and ask a million questions about your interests and we expect you to participate in this meticulous planning. Then, together, we map each tiny detail of your travel and rework it to perfection before you pack your bags. When you land in India, we'll be waiting to guide you through each step of this wonderful, mystical country.

Don't expect to be packed like sardines in a can on an inflexible excursion to sites you had wished you could skip. At Indiyo Tours, we make it our business to pamper each traveler, to satisfy your every whim so that you can travel in comfort to the places you want to see and the time you want to visit them, no matter what your budget. Our vast network of travel-planners make sure we get the best deals on hotels, private accommodation, car-rentals, and theme-packages.

Our Team

We are team of famous tour guides who have been working as a professional tour guide for many years in all tourism sites and have very good knowledge about local area and historical places of Rajasthan. All we were well trained issued a license and recognized by Ministry of Tourism (only certified guides are allowed to accompany tourists into all the tourism sites).


Golden Triangle


Desert Magic


Hindu Pilgrimage


Royal Rajputana


Bluecity Temple

Jodhpur - Bluecity of India

Lovey-Dovey Rajasthan

Jaisalmer-Udaipur-Mount Abu

Himalaya Terrain

Jammu-Patni Top-Bhaderwah-Dalhousie-Chamba-Pathankot